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profiles + reviews

Post-Confessional: The Aging Intimacies of Sophie Calle (Momus, 8/2/17)

Porpentine’s Linguistic Slimescapes (SFMOMA Open Space, 5/5/17)

Erica Deeman is Challenging You to See Race Differently (Artsy, 4/17/17)

Boomboxes, Black Panthers, and Sadie Barnette’s Next-Generation Visual Code (KQED, 2/2/17)

A Floating Noise and Drag Club Celebrates San Francisco’s Lost Underground (Hyperallergic, 1/19/2017)

Self-identified ‘Fat Trans Man’ and Berkeley Resident Shane Brodie Protests the ‘Transphobic’ Trump Statues (East Bay Express, 8/30/16)

Inside the Cinematic Void: As ‘Arc,’ Oakland filmmaker Tooth sculpts light to channel energy into City Limits gallery. (East Bay Express, 5/11/16)

How to Quantify Absence: In the latest Commune Editions release, poet Cheena Marie Lo draws the connection between natural and social disasters. (East Bay Express, 4/27/16)

Who Needs ‘Likes?’: Jader’s Uncomfortable Camp — With gory performance and saccharine portraiture, Jader subverts the status quo. (East Bay Express, 1/20/16)

What Was Withheld: Tammy Rae Carland’s ‘Some of Us Did Not Die’  (East Bay Express, 10/21/15)

Finding the Sweet Spot: Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon’s Sonic Playscapes (East Bay Express, 7/7/15)

Constance Hockaday’s Oceanic Aspirations (East Bay Express, 1/16/15)

trend + feature

This New Museum Imagines a World Where Capitalism is Dead (Artsy, 6/12/17)

Amid Ferocious San Francisco Rental Market, Apartment Galleries Proliferate (Artsy, 3/15/17)

The Sex Workers Telling Their Stories Through Art (Broadly, 1/7/17)

Living Room Light Exchange Salon Series: Where Tech and Art Converge (East Bay Express, 9/28/16)

The Superheroes Behind the Scenes: The organization behind the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project, which garnered headlines when one of its artists was gunned down, also had to overcome obstacles erected by the city and Caltrans. (East Bay Express, 10/14/15)

longform + news

Art Gallery Grifter: How White Walls Owner Justin Giarla Scammed Artists Out Of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, Then Disappeared  (East Bay Express, 11/23/16)

Will Oakland Lose Its Artistic Soul? — Members of The Town’s vibrant arts community say they’re at risk of displacement because of skyrocketing rents, and that Oakland isn’t moving fast enough to protect its cultural identity. (East Bay Express, 3/17/16)

Tumbling the Ivory Tower: At UC Berkeley, one radically engaged academic program could finally force the school to own up to its mission as a public university — if the administration agrees to fund it. (East Bay Express, 9/23/15)

Where Are Oakland’s Black Artists? — In the face of gentrification, local Black artists and curators are working to ensure that no one ever needs to ask where they are, or whether they’ve been here all along. (East Bay Express, 6/3/15)

Moral Combat: After enduring a vicious harassment campaign designed to chase women out of the video game industry, local female developers are trying to take back the art form from commercialization (East Bay Express, 10/15/14)

essays + op-eds 

       Martial Arts for Feminist Journos (SFMOMA Open Space, 8/26/17)

Abolish the Tiki Bar  (SFMOMA Open Space, 5/24/17)

They Were Artists, Not Anarchists: On the Ghostship Fire (Washington Post, 12/8/16)

Crying on Camera: “fourth-wave feminism” and the threat of commodification (SFMOMA Open Space, 5/17/16)


Open Space, columnist-in-residence; Summer 2017

Museum of Capitalism, writer-in-residence (as Anti Lab); Summer 2017


  • First place, arts criticism, circulation under 45,000, Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards, 2016
  • First place, LGBT/gender equality coverage, circulation under 45,000, Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards, 2015
  • Third place, arts criticism, circulation under 45,000, Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards, 2015
  • First place, arts and culture coverage, print/text small division, Society of Professional Journalists Northern California Chapter Excellence in Journalism Awards, 2015
  • Outstanding Honors Thesis Award, Department of Rhetoric, UC Berkeley, 2014